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Beginning Your Garden. Part One


The experts argue all the time about the need to carefully plan your garden before you start buying plants, consumables and equipment. While things like aspect and drainage are important in most gardens, the first part of planning should be what is the purpose of the garden, or at least that part you are going to start to work on. This decision will provide you with essential information that you will need to successfully prepare and plant the designated area. Let me give you some examples of what I mean.
Why do you want a garden?
A question we often fail to ask because often this area is there, bounded by a fence a wall or a lawn, so we just try to make it as pretty, or in some cases as useful as possible, without thinking about what we want from our garden:
Maybe we are looking at extensions of our indoor living space like this

A sanctuary away from it all like this

maybe we want something unusual

something that blends with the natural environment

something that attracts birds, butterfly’s and wildlife

Maybe we are seeing the garden as a source of food, so fruit and vegetables would be our thing. But did you know that special soil preparation is required for some of your favorite vegetables













Do you know that where you plant citrus trees will be a different place to the tree that’s going to produce those crunchy apples you have been dreaming about.


Citrus trees prefer warmer climates but don’t do well in drought conditions. Water them well, unless you get lots of rain.           Being shallow rooted they also don’t do well in windy conditions and may require support when fruiting.                                      Citrus trees are tolerant of soil Ph.


medium_orchardcloseApple trees need well-drained soil, not too wet. Soil needs to be moderately rich and retain moisture as well as air; mulch with straw, hay, or some other organic material to keep soil moist and provide nutrients as they decompose.
All Apple trees need a period of time at the right time when temperatures are between 32 and 45 degrees F so that fruit will set.
Apple trees need other apple trees nearby so that cross pollination can take place.

These are the first considerations you should be looking at when you look at that piece of real estate that you want to fashion into your place.